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What Can I DIY For My Wedding?

Hello Lovelies

Sorry for such a long break in posting here at Bride to Beauty Blog. I have had such a hectic start to the year. However here I am and back with more beauty and wedding posts for you.

Today Im talking DIY! I LOVE DIY! Sometimes its hard to know where o start and what to DIY for your wedding so today I’m giving you some DIY ideas for your big day. And guess what you don’t even have to DIY it yourself. You can always ask friends and family to help! Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

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1 – Decorations

This one is such a great DIY as there are so many ideas out there. You can buy loads of wildflowers and put them in jars. You can wrap hessian round a hulla hoop and stick on some faux flowers, the list goes on. Use your creativity and you will be surprised what you can make. I love making these tissue paper pom poms.

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2 – Photo Booth

If you don’t have the budget or even just don’t fancy a professional photo booth you can make your own for next to nothing. Order a background or even just set up next to a blank wall. Hang up some fairy lights or bunting above where peoples head will be and hey presto. Buy old fashioned cameras to take to be developed or if you have a polaroid use that. You can even get people to hang up their Polaroid snaps to add to your DIY decor.

3 -Cake

Now this one isn’t always easy. Trust me I’ve made 3. However if you love to bake or have a friend who does this can be so much fun. Now it will still cost and will look rustic, but if that’s your wedding theme it will fit right in.

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4 – Makeup

I can hear the makeup artists screaming as I type this! Personally as a makeup artist myself Id never dream of doing my own makeup on my wedding day. However some people just don’t have the budget and that’s ok. If you want to do your own wedding makeup. If you just like the way you do it and don’t like how others do then why not. If you can afford a pro then maybe a friend can help you. Or even invest in a makeup lesson with a pro so you know how to do it yourself on the day.

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5 – Jewellery

I am literally in love with Scarlett Erskine Jewellery. Yes I may be bias as she made my engagement ring. However she is actually just so fantastic and talented. She can even teach you to make your own. Check out this amazing workshop we took part in on my friends hen weekend.

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With Scarlett you can also make your own engagement ring and make each others wedding rings which is so special! If you are in Scotland you really HAVE to check her out. Find out more about her workshops here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it is getting your DIY juices flowing. You don’t have to DIY everything and it doesn’t always have to be to save money. Sometimes DIY can be fun and sentimental.

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