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Your Wedding Morning with Jillian Elizabeth Hair and Makeup Artist

Hello Lovelies,

If you are reading this bog post you have most likely booked me for your wedding hair and makeup or are perhaps considering it. Bride to Beauty Blog is for everyone who is planning a wedding or looking for beauty advice. Sometimes there are posts dedicated specially to my brides. This is one of these blog posts and I hope you enjoy it.

I have been working in weddings for over 10 years now providing hair and makeup to hundreds of bridal parties. This experience means that I have wedding preparation down to a fine art. You can put your trust in me that I will make things flow as smoothly as possible for you and your bridal party.

Ensuring your wedding morning runs smoothly and to plan is part of my job and I always book in enough time for everyone to have their hair and makeup done. I leave the right amount of time for you to get into your dresses and down the aisle. This being said, there are a few things that you ladies can do to ensure we stick to our schedule together. Read on to find out how to have the perfect smooth wedding morning and share it with your bridal party so they know how to prepare for the day.

Look after your skin

I know I say it all the time but it’s true, good skincare leads to good makeup. Looking after your skin before the wedding your makeup will look so much better. Dry skin can be lightly exfoliated a few days before and use a hydrating moisturiser. If you have acne consider a safe skin peel to resurface your skin. If you have psoriasis or eczema go to your doctor and find out how this can be improved for your wedding day.

Introducing even just a basic cleansing, toning and moisturising routine to your skin will do wonders. Not only will your skin feel great it will look amazing too. I love The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial range.

Why not book in for some facials with myself so we can work together to get your skin in the perfect condition for your big day.

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Arrive with no makeup on

Your skin (and I) will love you if you let it breath the morning of the wedding and arrive with no makeup on. This includes none of last night’s mascara or eyeliner. If you arrive with makeup on we may need to work your skin a little harder to remove it, which can lead to a slight reddening of the skin. The redness will of course fade, however it is much better to avoid this by coming fresh faced and beautiful in your own skin.

Arrive with clean hair

There is an old myth that dirty hair styles better but this is not true, clean hair styles so much better. I will add in any texture that I need to your hair so please do arrive with it clean and free from products.  For some people it is better to wash their hair the day before and that is totally fine; as long as it isn’t greasy I’m happy.

Arrive with dry hair

Although I love a really chilled out and relaxed wedding morning I am actually running to a very strict timeline for your wedding day to ensure everyone’s hair and skin is correctly prepped before final styling. If people arrive with wet hair then drying it can really eat into the time of your day meaning less time for creating beautiful hair styles for you and your bridal party.

Enjoy the moment

Getting your skin, hair and makeup done is such a special treat for you and your bridal party! Why not just sit back, relax and enjoy it. For the time you are in my chair don’t worry about anything. Just have some pampering time that is just for you. Put your phone down.

Please don’t talk when I am doing your lipstick

I know this sounds a bit silly but if you talk when I’m doing your lipstick it will take 2 or 3 times as long. I’m more likely to mess it up if your lips are moving. Also if someone is getting their lipstick done don’t ask them a question as it’s too tempting to reply.

Have a designated area for hair and makeup

The last thing you want on your wedding morning is to be really cramped. Lots of people around you when you are having your hair and makeup done isn’t relaxing. It is great to have everyone together enjoying themselves. Its also important to ensure you have enough space for everyone. I’ve done makeup with a model sitting on the open boot of my car. Anywhere inside is luxury to me. I want you to be as relaxed as possible. I love being near a window with natural light coming in. A clear table next to plug sockets is the most useful place for me to be.

I hope this blog post has been useful for you ladies. If you have any questions about your wedding morning don’t hesitate to get in touch. Why not save this to your wedding Pinterest board so you can read it again closer to your wedding day, and don’t forget to share with your bridesmaids.

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