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Kiehl’s Centella Sensitive Cica Cream Review

Hello Lovelies,

Ohh, it’s so cold outside just now so I have been looking for the perfect product to hydrate my dry, sensitive skin. As you all know I am a huge Kiehl’s fan (why not read some of my other reviews) so I decided to go to the counter and ask if they had anything for me.

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As a pale, Scottish redhead I have typical sensitive skin and the Kiehl’s products have always been amazing for me. The lovely lady who works on the counter where I live recommended the Centella Sensitive Cica Cream so I decided to give it a go. It has been tested on people who have sensitive skin; the formula soothes and protects the skins’ barrier so it sounded perfect! She also gave me a sample of the cleanser which I am loving!

The cream comes in a bottle that reminds me of a toothpaste tube. I actually like these better than a pump action bottle as you can easily squeeze every drop of product out of it. It doesn’t have a strong smell at all which is a shame as I love using beautifully smelling creams. It is however for the best as it is often the fragrance that people with sensitive skin react to.

The cream is quite thick when you first squeeze it out. It thins out when you rub it in and is easily absorbed by your skin. I love that it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin and just leaves it feeling soft and hydrated.

I love this!

After using this for just a few weeks I saw a huge improvement in my skin. It was a lot more hydrated and felt soft to the touch. My fiancé, Jon Boy, has psoriasis and extremely dry skin and he has been loving this cream too. His face gets really dry and if he applies this at night. The next morning there is a huge improvement in his skin.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Do you have sensitive skin? Let me know your favourite skin products that work with your skin and don’t forget to share this blog post.


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