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My Fun Bridesmaid Proposal Jigsaw

Hello Lovelies

These past few weeks have been so exciting since Jon Boy and I got engaged (if you want to see our beautiful engagement pics featuring our super cute puppy then click here). We have received so many cards, gifts and well wishes and we are so overwhelmed and grateful. We now have a lovely supply of wine to drink over the festive period along with beautiful new wine glasses to drink them from. We also have gorgeous signs, frames and personalised items that all fill our hearts with joy.

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Right now we are just enjoying being engaged and although we know the kind of wedding we want we are waiting a little while to book it. We haven’t made any decisions on bridesmaids or groomsmen just now but what I have decided is my maid of honour. At the weekend I asked my little cousin Caitlin to be my maid of honour and stand with me on my wedding day.

I was trying to think of the perfect way to ask Caitlin so I got one of my artist friends involved. My friend Kirsty is a great artist so I asked her to draw me and Caitlin standing in our robes on the wedding morning. She did such a great job of it and I was so happy. I printed it on a card but I wanted to do something fun as well so I decided to get it made into a jigsaw for Caitlin to build and see the question I was asking her… “Will you be my maid of honour?”

At the weekend we went to look at wedding dresses and I tried some on. Before I started I gave her the jigsaw to build, she was full of smiles and of course said yes! I did of course get her some other bridesmaid to be gifts:


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I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought. I would love to know the types of wedding blog posts you would like to see here. Don’t forget to pin this to your Pinterest board or share on your Facebook page so you can look at it again later.

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  1. I love this unique idea! I wish this was around when I got married. I will save this and pass along to other friends who will get married in the future.

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