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Puppy Participates in Perfect Proposal – A Modern Engagement Story

Hello Lovelies!

November already, where did the time go! Today’s blog post is extra special as I have some exciting news to share, a few days ago on Friday the 2nd November my amazing Jon Boy asked me to marry him! What! He took me totally off guard, I was in my kitchen drinking a beer preparing a steak dinner and listening to Rocky Horror Picture show when he came in and got down on one knee.

If you have been one of my clients over the past few months you might know that this has been on the cards for us but in that moment, he took me by complete surprise and I cried the happiest of tears. Apparently he had the ring for 2 months and was waiting for the right time to ask me, then he realised it didn’t have to be a perfect moment it was about us being engaged and happy. However to me the moment was perfect!

I met Jon 4 years ago working on a TV project called “The Job”. I was there doing makeup and Jon was there to lift heavy things haha. Apparently, Jon Boy thought I was pretty and really wanted to impress me so he bought me a cherry coke, skittles and a galaxy caramel! Obviously, the way to my heart is through my stomach. After filming we all went out dancing and the next day he was desperate to talk to me more so he found my mobile no. in the call sheet and text me. The rest is history.

We have our ups and downs like every couple. We drive each other crazy, I can’t understand why he puts the mugs on the glasses shelf and he can’t understand why I need the mugs on the mug shelf but it just works because he is my best friend. No one in the world can make me laugh like he does and for some reason he loves me best with no makeup on and accepts all my flaws. I know everyone says their man is the best man, but Jon Boy really is. He is so selfless, and kind and I know I am very lucky to have him.


My ring is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life! My wonderful friend Scarlett Erskine took some old and broken jewels that belonged to some wonderful women in my family, melted them all down and came up with the most beautiful stack of rings. Emeralds are my birth stone and green is my favourite colour so this is just the most perfect ring for me. I genuinely don’t care if its extra having 3 engagement rings because I am so in love! Thank you a million Scarlett. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery you HAVE to get in touch with Scarlett. In fact, click here and go and look at her website right now!

This is the old jewellery that Scarlett used to make my rings!

I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people including Kirsty of Kirsty Brown Photography. How gorgeous are these pictures? Jon Boy said we should ask Kirsty to take some pictures of us the next day and she did! Bless her on a Saturday in the rain she turned up with the biggest smile and took these amazing engagement pictures of us. Of course we couldn’t have our pictures taken without Lady our English Springer Spaniel. I bought lady as a graduation gift for Jon and she is our whole life. I literally can’t stop looking at these pictures, I will be covering every wall in my house with them. I may be slightly bias as she is one of my best friends, but these are the best pictures I have ever seen in my life. Jon never smiles in his photographs so these really are something special! If you are looking for a wedding photographer then she is your lady!

Lady is soaked to the bone because even when its cold she cannot resist jumping in the Loch for a swim.

yes, there we go, I am now a fiancé which is crazy! I am also now a bride to be blogger so apologies in advance for all the posts that will follow about how excited I am. I hope all of you brides to be enjoy how my blog will be moving on, lets plan our weddings together, I am so excited to hear about all of your wedding planning ideas and hopefully I can share some inspiration for all of you!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my gorgeous fiancé, ring and these great pictures. I love hearing what you guys think!

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