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7 tips for making a DIY wedding cake

Hello Lovelies

Today I am talking about DIY wedding cakes! I have now somehow made 3 wedding cakes for my friends and family (one of them I made alongside one of the other bridesmaids) so I thought I would share a few tips with you that I picked up along the way. Making a DIY wedding cake is not easy and believe me it is stressful! After each cake I have said never again and this time I plan to stick to it until I make my own wedding cake which will be my last. Although I spend months worrying about it and I’m very stressed whilst making it and transporting it to the venue it is so rewarding. Standing in front of a wedding cake you have made on the wedding day of someone you love is amazing.

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If you are thinking about making a DIY wedding cake for yourself or a friend then have a read of these tips first:

1 – Be realistic

Ok first thing is first, can you actually bake? Have you ever made a big cake before and is it achievable for you? If you just want to save money then baking a wedding cake is a big task (all 3 of mine have taken over 10 hours each) but if you are doing it because you love baking then totally go for it.

2 – Do a trial run

Icing a cake is more difficult than it looks so have a trial run for one tier to see how it goes. This will let you try out any new techniques that you need for your cake and lets face it, having a spare cake to eat isn’t the worst thing on earth.

3 – Learn how to use dowels and cake boards

You will need a thicker cake board for the bottom tier and thinner cake boards for the other ones. If your tiers are high then you might need a cake board in the middle of your sponge. Dowels are wooden or plastic rods that you put into the cake after its baked to hold up the weight of the sponges.

4 – Understand it will still cost you

Yes it will be cheaper to make your own wedding cake but it might not be as cheap as you think. Each wedding cake I have made has cost me over £100 in ingredients, decorations, cake ins and various tools I have needed. It also takes hours to mix, bake, cool, ice and decorate.

5 – Set aside enough time

Starting the day before the wedding is not a good idea, it always takes longer than you expect and you need to allow for extra time to run out and grab any extra supplies you need. I normally bake one day and ice and decorate the next. Also once it is iced it will keep for a good few days for the wedding so you can make it a couple of days before. Fruit cakes keep for a long time so can be made weeks before.

6 – Accept that it may look rustic

Looking back at pictures of the 3 cakes I made I can see some flaws in them but I still love them. The icing is no where near as smooth as I would like it to be but I am so proud of them. The people I made them for loved them and they do look great in their pictures. If this isn’t something you do often it wont be as good as a professional wedding cake but it will have character and you can beam with happiness as people eat it.

7 – Add finishing touches

As I said before there will be flaws in your cake, so this is where decoration comes in. Adding ribbon, flowers, a cake topper or even some drips (my friend requested the drips on her cake) will cover a multitude of sins. The cake will always look amazing once it is all assembled together and has all of the finishing touches on it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and it has given you some great tips that you can take away for making a DIY wedding cake. It is a tricky thing to do but it can be so worth it. Why not pin this to your Pinterest board to look back on or share it on facebook and tag someone you know who would love this post.

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