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Hello lovelies,

Today I am talking about something that is really important to me and that is reducing the amount of waste we are putting out into the world. At home I recycle as much as I possibly can, all of the plastic, paper, glass and tins that I don’t have a use for are taken to our nearest recycle point, but I felt that I could really do more than just recycling.

I needed to use more products that created less waste. My goal for this year is to give up straws and plastic water and juice bottles, and for the most part it is going well. Sometimes it’s tricky eating and drinking out but I keep just asking for my drinks without a straw and bringing a reusable water bottle with me. The water from our taps here is Scotland is so lovely, why are we wasting money buying bottles of water?!

This year I have also been trying to find eco friendly alternatives to some of the health and beauty products I use. It has been so much fun trying new products and telling my friends about them. Even my boyfriend has started to use my shampoo bar! Read on to find out what I have been using and find ways you can reduce waste through your beauty regime.

1 – Shampoo bars

I started using a shampoo bar (Trichomania from Lush) a few months ago and I have been so pleasantly surprised by it. I love a lather when I’m using my shampoo so I wasn’t sure if a bar would work for me but oh boy was I wrong. This shampoo bar is amazing, once its on your hair it feels exactly the same as other shampoos I am used to using and it’s eco friendly. My hair has been so soft and shiny and my boyfriend has even started using it and loves it!

2 – Bamboo Toothbrush

I have wanted a bamboo toothbrush for so long, so when Jonboy and I went to NYC in April I knew we had to visit Package Free so that I could buy one (and some other things). I have been following this shop and its blogs for a while so I was so excited to go. I gave myself a 100 dollar limit and I got so much. I picked up 4 bamboo toothbrushes to keep me going and a bunch of other amazing things! If you are ever in NYC you have to go to this shop! It is so amazing and has so many wonderful things in it for an eco friendly life!

Bamboo Toothbrush – Adult

3 – Safety Razor

The first time I used my safety razor I looked like I had been clawed by a kitten, blood was dripping down my legs and I was covered in cuts! After that I decided I should do a bit of research so I watched a few YouTube videos and with some practice I am now a pro. I LOVE this safety that I bought when I went to package free in NYC. I find that exfoliating my legs then lathering them in bubbles helps for a smooth cut free shave.

Double Edged Safety Razor with 10 Free Blades

4 – Solid Deodorant

I like to use a lot of deodorant as I work in close proximity to people and its always warm when doing a wedding. I hate how many aerosol bottles I am throwing out so I decided I have to do something. I bought Aromaco solid deodorant from lush a few weeks ago and I am in love. It smells amazing and it really does work! I still smell lovely at the end of a busy work day and my underarms feel softer than ever before, score! Click here to find out more about this amazing product.

5 – Face Soap

I have said for so long, don’t use a soap on your face, but Lush have proven me wrong. That is of course with a soap designed for your face. I have been using Movis face soap (click here to find out more about this amazing soap) from Lush for the past few weeks, it’s so moisturising and removes all of my makeup at the end of the day. I use it at the end of the day instead of my cleanser and then apply my moisturiser. It’s super and smells lovely.

6 – Face Cloth

Why use cotton pads and buds that you throw away to remove your makeup when you can use a facecloth? I love this one from Primark, it’s so cheap and works so well removing every scrape of makeup. I have a bunch of them and just throw then in the washing machine after a few uses. Even a regular face cloth would do the trick.

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7 – Soap Bars

I can’t believe I haven’t been using soap bars forever! Goodbye liquid hand soap and shower gel, now all I have is gorgeous bars of soap like this gorgeous smelling bar of Maypole. It smells like a stick of rock you would get on holiday!

8 – Moon Cup

Ok this one is sometimes a bit difficult for people to get their head around but this is the way I look at it… Ladies, we all get periods, and no mater what we use for our period we are all going to have to  deal with them so why not help the environment whilst doing it? I love using a moon cup as you can leave it in much longer and mine has never leaked. You can clean it out in the shower and you don’t even feel that it’s there.

Yes, the first time you use it, it will probably get stuck and I am sure all of us moon cup users have a funny story about a mishap but hey, it’s good for the world and (in my opinion) makes periods easier.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and that it will not only make you think about the impact you are having on the world, but make you act upon it. This is our only world and if we don’t make changes now what is going to be left in generations to come?

Please leave me a comment and let me know the ways that you are trying to reduce waste and help the environment in your everyday life. I would really love if you pinned this post or shared it to your Facebook page so that more people can see how easy it is to help the planet.

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