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DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing summer. I can’t believe it is still so sunny here in Scotland! I have been loving the sun although I must admit I would love a bit more of a breeze when I am working at weddings as it has been so warm! July is such a busy month for me. As well as working at lots of weddings, I have had my lovely friend Fiona’s Hen Party, me and Jon Boy went to London for a few days, and I am going up to Inverness for Fiona’s wedding. After the wedding me, Lady Dog and Jon Boy are going camping for a few days.

Today I am sharing something a little bit different with you, it’s a little DIY post. I LOVE DIY, I make so many random things in my life and I always love gifting nice homemade gifts like this hand sewn engagement gift I made for my friend Julie.

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I made these super fun and easy to make tissue paper pom poms to decorate a photo booth/selfie station at Fiona’s Hen Party. It only takes a few minutes to make one so you can bang out a whole bunch in less than an hour.

What you need:

-Tissue paper
-Thread/ string

You will need around 8 – 10 pieces of tissue paper that are all the same size. Place them on top of each other.

Fold your tissue paper up as if you were making a paper fan.

Fold it in half lengthways to mark the middle then tie your thread or string around it tightly in a double knot.

Cut the ends of the tissue paper so that they are rounded.

Pull the fan open at one end and start to pull up each piece of tissue paper. Once you have pulled apart one side repeat on the other.

And there you go; you have gorgeous fun pom poms. Here are some grey and pinks ones I made, but I also made multi-coloured ones too.

So what do you think, are you going to give these a go? These are great for hen parties, kid’s parties and even fun outdoor wedding décor. If you make some feel free to tag Bride to Beauty blog on Facebook or Instagram when you post a picture! Why not save this to your wedding Pinterest board for later or share it on Facebook to show your friends.

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