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Bridal Beauty Countdown 1 year to 6 months

Hello Lovelies

I hope you are all well and getting excited for your weddings! I have been so busy recently doing wedding hair ad makeup! I have over 50 weddings booked in for this year so its all go for Jillian Elizabeth Hair and Makeup Artist. Today I am sharing a blog that I had on my old blog years ago, however I have been working on it to make it ever better! My beauty bridal countdown includes hints, tips and advice on how to beautify yourself and ensure you are ready for your big day, so here we go!

1 year till the wedding

Now is the time to start thinking about any lifestyle changes that you want to make.

Your Diet and Exercise plan

Most people have a few inches here and there they would like to get rid of so now is the time to think about what you are putting into your body, not only for weight loss but to improve your hair, nails, skin and well-being! Change fizzy drinks for water to flush toxins out of your system and hydrate your hair, nails and skin, and change snacks of sweets and crisps to snacks of dried fruit and nuts for a whole bunch of health benefits. Why not try slicing some fruit to make some infused waters like this; super tasty and super healthy!

You don’t have to go on a crash diet or starve yourself, however having a think about a healthier lifestyle can really help. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise; go for a walk or run, try a fitness class or even just bust out that old exercise DVD.

By no means should you turn into a diet and gym obsessed lady in order to fit into a dress 6 sizes smaller than you are  as number 1: your groom or bride to be is marrying you because they love you the way you are and, number 2: Bridget Jones’s big pants are amazing!

Booking Hair and Makeup

Some people book even earlier than this now, anywhere from 1 year to two years in advance is a good time to secure your wedding hair and makeup artist. It is easy to get lost in a sea of social media accounts deciding between natural and glam looks so why not have a read of my blog on how to choose a makeup artist for your wedding day. Meet your hair and makeup artist to ensure they are right for you and make sure you sign a contract with them to secure your date.

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9 months till the wedding

Your Hair

Now is time to start thinking about how you would like your hair to look on the day of the wedding in terms of cut and colour. If you want to try anything new, start doing it now so you have time to perfect the style. Discuss your wedding day hair with your hairdresser, they can tell you the best cut and colour for the style you would like.

Skin care

It is time to really start looking after your skin, so drink plenty of water and always take your make-up off at the end of the day. Starting to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night can really improve your skin. I love the Janssen Cosmetics cosmeceutical skin care range. I stock these at my studio and if you come in for a consultation I can choose the range that best suits your skin type to make a real improvement in your skin. Click here for more information.

6 Months till the Wedding


Having a facial once every 2 – 4 weeks coupled with using your skincare at home can help ensure you have the best skin possible on your wedding day. Facials are super relaxing and leave your skin bright and glowing afterwards. I offer an express and a luxury facial that is completely tailored to suit your skin type. Click here for more information and to book in before your big day.


I know 6 months seems a long time before your wedding to get a brow wax, but it’s more about finding the right brow artist for you and getting your brows perfect in the months running up to your big day. It can take months to grow back brow wax accidents so finding the perfect brow artist is essential.

I hope that you have enjoyed the first part of my beauty bridal countdown and that it has helped you think of how you can ensure you are looking and feeling your best on your big day. Click here to read part two,  6 months till the wedding day itself. Pin this to your wedding Pinterest board and share with all of your bride to be friends.
Leave me a comment, Id love to hear if you have any other tips for brides to be!

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