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20 Low Cost Wedding Favour Ideas

Hello lovelies

I hope you are all doing great and having lots of fun planning your wedding! Wedding planning can be stressful but don’t worry I’ve got your back, have a read of this and find out how to de-stress. Wedding favours are a fun little gift to say thank you to your wedding guests for coming along to your big day, they don’t have to break the bank. Here I have 20 low cost wedding favour ideas that you can DIY for your wedding.

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Who doesn’t love sweets! I am such a sucker for them, I just can’t get enough. Buy big bags of your favourite candy and put them in bags, jars or even just bowls on your table and everyone will love it.

Mint to be

Buy individually wrapped mints and print a label that says “Mint to be” with your names and wedding date.

Cake pops

Yum yum, an easy to make tasty bite to keep you going through the speeches.


As I may have mentioned before I love cake in all forms, cupcakes are small versions of the big yummy treat, these make fantastic favours.

Hangover kit

I have made these for a few friends birthdays and hen parties, they are super easy to make and great for the next morning. Alka-Seltzer’s, a bottle of water, mints, a sweet and if you are Scottish like me then a mini bottle of Iron bru!


Making your own soap takes a bit of getting used to, but you can buy premade melt and pour soap, all you have to do is add essential oils, colours or decoration (e.g. flower petals or mini plastic ring) and pour them into moulds.

Lip balm

This is a great one for the ladies, a few easy steps with just a few ingredients and you can make your own lip balm.

Personalised wedding cocktail

Have glasses of your favourite cocktail given out as favours or why not make up your own, have these as an alternative for your toast.

Flavoured vodka shots

Make your own flavoured vodkas and fill small jars with all of the different flavours for your friends.

S’mores kit

Graham crackers, chocolate and a marshmallow… need I say more!


He popped the question so why not have some popcorn. This can be a yummy treat for your guests to eat while they wait for the meal.


Instead of table names why not print an embarrassing or funny photos of your guests that they can take home with them.


Buy cute paper bags and bake up loads of cookies, Put a few n each bag and there you have it, yummy wedding favours.


Fudge is so easy to make, you can do it in lots of different flavours and wrap individual slabs or cut into squares to put in bags.

Charity Donation

Instead of buying favours why not make a donation to your favourite local charity. Some charities have pins or keyrings you can buy to raise money for the charity that you can give out as your favours.

Mixed Tape

Burn CD’s with all of your favourite songs that will be played at your wedding. When your friends listen to it will remind them of your big day.

Party poppers

Write a note to let your guests know when you want them to use the party poppers and get your photographer to capture it. This makes for an amazing photograph.

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Personalised mason jars

You can bulk buy mason jars or just save up ones you have used at home, paint a square on with chalkboard paint then leave chalk on the table for people to decorate.

Petal confetti

Fill a bag with dried flower petals and gather outside for a beautiful photograph of your guests throwing them over you.

Personalised sparklers

Print out cards with your names and wedding date on them and write “Light up our life” on them. Punch 2 holes in the card and slide the sparkler through.

Thank you note

You don’t have to spend lots of money on favours just print out a little note thanking people for coming and letting them know how important it is to you that they have shared your special day with you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, if you love DIY weddings then why not have a read of this blog. What are you planning for your wedding favours? Share your ideas with us all below.

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