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11 Amazing Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Rings

Hello Lovelies

I hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing weather we have been having. I have bee so busy right now over at Jillian Elizabeth Hair and Makeup Artist. I have been in England training with an amazing skin care brand (more exciting news on that soon) and I have also been doing lots of hair and makeup for lots of weddings. Today has been especially long but so much fun, my hands hurt as I type this but it is worth it to see 9 happy smiles from ladies who loved their hair and makeup!

Today I have some amazing ideas for you for capturing your wedding rings on your day. Wedding rings are so small it can sometimes be hard to think of ways to show them off so here are some amazing ideas. If there is an image that you love then why not show your photographer before your wedding to let them know what you would like. Also don’t forget your professional photographers will have lots of great ideas of their own so they might even surprise you with something mailing.

If you are looking for more photograph inspiration for your big day then click here and read my top 10 photographs to capture your big day.

1 – In a Book

There are a few different ways to get great pictures of your wedding rings in books. Why not bring along your favourite book ans try some of these.

2 – Your Marriage Certificate

This can also help make sure your other half never forgets your anniversary.

3 – With Your Flowers

Flowers always look so beautiful and brighten up any photograph. Once the flowers die its easy to forget what they looked like so get as many photographs of them as you can.

4 – A close up of you Smiling

Your smile will always tell how truly happy you are on your wedding day so why not capture a lovely detailed shot like this.

5 – Holding Hands

This sounds so basic but holding hands pictures can be so lovely and are a great way to capture your beautiful rings.

6 – On your Babies Toes

This is just the cutest picture ever, if you have a little one then involve them in your pictures.

7 – Arms Around Each Other

This image captures the grooms ring perfectly and shows the detail in the wedding dress.

8 – In Nature

You don-t have to be getting married outside to get some great outdoor shots. How fun are these outdoor wedding ring images.


9 – On a Ring Pillow

I know it may seem old fashioned but ring pillows are so cute! If you have a flower girl or paige boy you can even get them to hold it for you.

10 – On Your Wedding Dress

This is a great way to show the lovely detail in your wedding dress as well as your wedding rings.

11 – Putting on Your Rings

Capture that special moment when you put each others rings on.

I hope you have all enjoyed this blog and it has inspired you when thinking about the photographs you would like of your wedding rings on your big day. If you are looking for  photographer in Scotland then do click here to see a few of my recommended suppliers.

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