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The Wedding Guest Guide to Saving Money

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A wedding guest is a wonderful thing to be. It is so wonderful seeing your friends and family share their love with you and see how happy they are on their wedding day. But as well as being wonderful, it can also be pricey. Nowadays wedding guests are spending hundreds of pounds to attend a friend or family member’s wedding. I have spent thousands over the past few years going to weddings, so today I am sharing with you my wedding guest guide to saving money.
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Save money at the hen party


If you can’t afford to go to the hen then don’t go, put that money towards going to the actual wedding day. If it’s a local hen then you can always come along and not buy too many cocktails or go for part of the day.
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Revamp an old outfit

You don’t have to buy a whole new outfit to go to a wedding, why not wear a dress you already have and just get a new bag and shoes or vice versa. If it’s a wedding with a different friend or family circle then no one will notice if you wore your outfit to a wedding a year or two ago.

You can also swap outfits with a friend, and that way although it’s not brand new it’s new to you. Have a clothes swap night with your girls in time for wedding season. All bring along a few nice outfits that are in good condition and swap so that you all have something new.

Wedding gift

Wedding gifts shouldn’t break the bank, they should be what you can reasonably afford to buy for the couple. Some brides and grooms ask for money or gift vouchers so if you cannot afford to gift a large amount of money why don’t you club together with a few friends and each put in some money and all sign the card.

Small sentimental gifts are so lovely, why not frame a cute picture of the couple, get them a subscription for a curry kit or buy them something nice for their house.

At the end of the day the couple will just be happy that you are there with them to share their special day.

Stay at an alternative hotel

Staying overnight at an out of town wedding certainly makes things easier but it can be pricey. Why not stay at an alternative hotel that is close by to the wedding venue and save yourself some money. If it’s within walking distance then even better, you can walk back at the end of the night and not have to worry about finding transport.

Do your own beauty treatments

Prepping to be a wedding guest takes time and money so why not have a night in and do it yourself. Shave your legs instead of getting them waxed, give yourself a facial, and paint your finger and toenails.

Instead of getting your hair and makeup done do your own or trade with a friend so you can do each other’s, that way you both get a little pampering.

Say no

I know it seems harsh but if you really can’t afford it then you can say no. Not going to a wedding doesn’t mean that you love the couple any less, it just means that you have other priorities in your life right now that you have to pay for instead.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my wedding guest guide to spending less. Share this blog now with all of your wedding guest friends. Do you have any tips for saving money when you are a wedding guest? Let me know in the comments.

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