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My Bespoke Lipstick From Bite Lip Lab

Hello lovelies, today is my birthday so I thought what better day to talk about my favourite makeup item… Lipstick, and my trip to Bite Lip Lab If I was to live with only one makeup product for the rest of my life it would always be lipstick, because I think lipstick can change your whole demeanour. A nude can make you feel natural, a red sultry, and a dark colour can make you a bad ass boss babe (my choice).

So I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday in fact I was actually quite grumpy about it because I’m now 29. I just felt I should have done more with my life by now. I decided I wasn’t celebrating my birthday in anyway so I’m not doing my usual birthday BBQ and I won’t be going for drinks with my friends (this was not for lack of trying on my friends and families part).

Now that my birthday is here I see how silly I am to be so grumpy. I have my own business that I work so hard at and I am inundated with 5 star reviews and thank you cards from my lovely clients. I have the most amazing friends and family and such a wonderful boyfriend who both spoils me and puts up with me. Its only 7.30am and already I have been so spoilt! Since seeing The Book of Mormon in NYC it is all I have been able to talk about, I have the soundtrack on and constantly sing all of the songs. For my birthday my cheeky Jon Boy has bought me tickets to go and see it again so London here we come!

Anyway back to the lipstick. Last month I travelled to NYC for my cousins wedding (read more about my holiday by clicking here) and whilst there I knew I had to go to Bite Lip Lab. In this amazing lab the extremely talented artists will custom make you 2 unique lipsticks and give you a bite lip kit for £150.

As soon as I heard about this experience I was sold. I have been desperately trying to find a dark grey lipstick for years and I knew here I would be able to get just the right one for me.

I met up with my friend Liz in NYC (a fellow lipstick lover and amazing person) so I knew that we should go together.

The lip lab is amazing, it has colours everywhere and photographs of beautiful natural women on the walls. There are a few services available, I chose the bespoke lip service.

Firstly you apply the Bite Agave Lip Scrub to remove any dry skin from your lips, then the Bite Agave Lip Mask to hydrate, next it’s time for your artist to get mixing.

We started with my grey. The artist mixed up a grey for me to try on. I loved it but wanted it a little darker so she mixed up another darker grey and it was spot on.

My 1st and 2nd Grey

Secondly I wanted a red/ brown colour and the artist again nailed my colour on the second attempt.

My gorgeous Red/ Brown and Liz and Jon Boy jumping in for a selfie.

After the colours were perfect the artist mixed up enough for a full size lipstick and poured them into lipstick moulds to set. There was a little of each left so some mixed them together in a mould to create a marbled lipstick of my two colours! It is gorgeous.

This was the most fun I have ever had in a shop in my life and I 100% recommend you all go right now! Look at all of the gorgeous goodies included in your lip Kit! I love them all. I am going to review the products soon so keep an eye out.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, it is a little bit of a personal start, but it is my birthday so why not share right! Do you love lipstick as much as I do? Leave me a comment and let me know your fave brand or colour!.

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