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The Groom’s Grooming Guidelines

Hello lovely grooms to be. Today’s blog is one for you men out there! Since starting my blog I have written a lot of posts for brides and for couples but none just for the men; that is all about to change. My lovely friend and bride to be Julie tells me that her fiancé Craig reads the blog, and this inspired me to do a post for him and all of the other grooms out there. So Craig if you’re reading this I hope you like it!

Now, hair and beauty products and advice are not just for women. It’s so important and relaxing for men to look after themselves and their skin etc. I have put together this blog so you can read a few wee tips that will help you prepare for your wedding.

Turkish Barbers

My Jon Boy loves going to the Turkish barbers, he says it is the most relaxing experience ever, and at the end of it he has a great hair cut, a neatly trimmed beard and smells amazing. Whats not to love? Lots of grooms and their groomsmen go the day before or on the morning of the wedding together, getting ready isn’t just for the girls!


I say it all the time; looking after your skin is so important. The more you look after your skin now the better you are going to look when you are older. If you are a little lost with skin care then go for a facial and they will use all of the best products for your skin and advise you what is best to be using at home. As well as being great for your skin it is really relaxing. Click here to find out about the male facials I offer.

Manly manicure

Your hands will be photographed more today than any other day so it’s important to have them looking their best. A manly manicure will neaten them up and remove all of the dry skin and hangnails you have. Don’t worry, there won’t be any nail polish, just a tidy up and relaxing hand massage.
I offer manly manicures at my studio in Dundee, Scotland. Why not get in touch and book one!


Now you don’t have to get them waxed or shaped all the time, but a little tidy up of stray hairs can make the world of difference. Get rid of that mono brow and unruly hair to leave you with neat, masculine brows. My tip is don’t do it yourself, go to a specialist!


Head to a spa or salon and have a back massage in the weeks leading up to your wedding. It is so relaxing and great for all of those tight muscles. If you are stressed at all or play sports then this is for you. If you are nervous to go alone a lot of places do couple’s massages in double rooms so you and your partner can have a massage at the same time.

If you are still feeling stressed then click here to read my top tips on dealing with wedding stress!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my first blog post for men! I would love to know your thoughts in the comments, and also please let me know what other groom-to-be blog posts you would like to see.

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