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Top 7 tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Something old, something new, something sunny… (My Jon Boy came up with this title so I promised him I would put it in- how cute is he?)

Destination weddings are getting so popular! They are a fun and different way to celebrate your wedding and you get a holiday rolled into it. What more could you want?! I love destination weddings, I have travelled to provide hair and makeup up for them and I also get a lot of couples coming here to Scotland for a destination wedding. I have just been to New York City to do my cousin’s wedding hair and makeup and also be a guest at her wedding so I thought it was the perfect time to write this blog! Although destinations weddings are amazing they do also come with their own challenges so here are my top tips to help you get started.

1. Visit your wedding destination before you book your wedding

Having a little holiday just the two of you before you book your destination wedding is a good idea. Choose a few venues that you like beforehand and visit them on your trip. You may love the images you see on their websites but when you get there it might not be what you had imagined. It would be so disappointing to turn up a few days before your wedding and not like the venue so visiting beforehand is great.
This also lets you get a feel for the city/ town you would like to get married in and see if it is right for you and your partner.

2. Ask your venue if they know of any recommended suppliers

Swimming through a sea of wedding suppliers isn’t the easiest task in the world, and doing it with suppliers in a different country is even trickier. Some venues have a list of recommended suppliers on their website or you can even ask them for some personal recommendations to give you somewhere to start.

If you do visit your wedding destination before you get married this is a great opportunity to meet suppliers, see their portfolio and ask any questions you have in person. Don’t feel pressured to book on the spot, if you are visiting a few suppliers you can always book online or over the phone once you are back home.

3. Make sure you check which documents you need to bring and/or sign for the destination you are traveling to

Different countries have different rules and requirements for weddings so make sure you know exactly what you need to bring with you. If you get confused you can always ask the person who is going to perform the ceremony.

4. Include travel/accommodation recommendations with your invites

It’s really helpful to your guests if you include some information on travel and accommodation in your invites so that they have an idea of how to get to you and where to stay. It’s great to include where you will be staying with a little map but also include some information on some budget friendly accommodation.

Don’t forget to also include the time and location of pre or post wedding events you will be having out there and any information that is needed for finding your wedding location.

5. Accept that not everyone will be able to come

As much as you may want all of your nearest and dearest to come, sometimes it just isn’t possible. Getting babysitters, pet sitters, taking the time off work and the cost of going away can all be factors and as much as you may be upset that some people can’t make it you need to be understanding about it.

6. Pack your dress and wedding essentials in your hand luggage

The last thing you want is your wedding dress or your legal documents packed away into your suitcase and getting lost on the way to your dream destination. Save any stress and pack all of your essentials into a hand luggage suitcase and don’t let it out of your sight until you check into your hotel. If there is a safe in your room even better, keep all of your documentation in there until it is needed.

7. Take advantage of your location for great photographs

Leave your guests for a little while (they wont mind they are on holiday) and go and get some amazing photographs in the beautiful country that you chose for your destination wedding.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and that it has pointed you in the right direction when planning your destination wedding. If you are feeling a little stressed with your wedding planning then click here to have a read of my top 10 tips for dealing with wedding stress.


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