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Urban Decay Makeup Meltdown Remover Dissolving Spray Review

Hello lovelies,

Welcome back beauties, and hello to any new readers. Today I have the perfect product for you to remove your makeup in less than a minute. This is perfect for lazy days, for when you are short on time, or even coming in from a night out when you don’t want to stand and do a full facial cleanse. Today’s review is an Urban Decay product, I absolutely LOVE Urban Decay, click here to read my review of their Naked Palette. 

I had never used a spray makeup remover, so I didn’t know what to expect when I first used Urban Decay Makeup Meltdown Remover Dissolving Spray. It almost felt as if I was spraying a dry product onto my face, I had assumed it would feel wet but it was very unusual.

I was trying out two Urban Decay products when I took these photographs and used their lip oil stick to take off my lipstick first. This blog post is coming soon.

Urban Decay Makeup Meltdown Remover Dissolving Spray £23.50 

I sprayed around four sprays onto my face and massaged it in all over. I was wearing water proof mascara so I massaged it into my eyelashes also. I could not believe that within seconds of massaging it in all of my makeup had dissolved. There was no black panda eyes with mascara smeared everywhere; it was actually gone!

I used cotton wool to remove the makeup residue and oil and I was completely makeup free. I expected to have to apply a moisturiser after removing my makeup, however my skin was surprisingly soft. I left my skin as it was for the rest of the evening and it still felt hydrated the next morning when I woke up.

I would give this product 4 out of 5 hearts

Have you tried any makeup removing sprays before? What is your fave? Do you love Urban Decay as much as I do? Let me know your favourite products in the comments.

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