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My Must Have Travel Hair and Beauty Products

Hello lovelies,

It’s 5 days until I go to America, although when you read this I will be there (as I have scheduled some posts so all of my lovely readers have new posts to read while I am away). I am so excited, I am going out to New York to do hair and makeup at my lovely cousin’s wedding.

The other day she left me a comment on my Facebook page. “I cannot imagine anyone else being there on my special day to not only do my hair and make up but to be a huge support and to have there by our side enjoying every second.” I was so emotional when I read it as I honestly didn’t realise it was that important to her that I did her hair and makeup. I knew she wanted me to do it and trusted me to create the look she wanted but this just made it really special for me. I am, of course, very emotional so I cried my eyes out when I read it!

Traveling for me is just so much fun. I love the run up to it and getting all excited. I love buying new clothes and toiletries and packing it all. I love getting to the airport and having a breakfast beer (I’m normally cheeky and drink red wine so I fall asleep). Most of all I love being on holiday.

Today I thought I would do a blog on my must have travel hair and beauty products. I’m not including makeup in this post, however I am planning to do one on that in the future so keep your eyes peeled! So if you are going on holiday or planning a honeymoon keep reading to find out what I would pack.

What I’m Taking

I am going to New York where it’s a bit cold just now and then to Florida where it will be hot so I need to pack for a bit of both!


Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh SPF 50
Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence Sunscreen SPF 50
Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser
Kielhs Crème De Corps
Makeup remover cloth
Cute wedding tissues for my wedding tears!

Being a natural red head I have never had a natural tan in my life, I just go straight to red and my skin matches my hair! I hate getting sunburn and want to protect my skin as much as possible so I always wear SPF 50. I have never tried the Kiehl’s sunscreen so I am really excited. This is for my face only and the Nivea is for my body.

Yes, I have a Kiehl’s addiction, but they do not sponsor me to rave about their products, I do it because I LOVE them. I use Kiehl’s on my own skin and on my clients’ skin and I have also converted lots of my friends and family. Click on the links to see some of my product reviews. I also hate waste so I try really hard not to use cotton wool on myself so I’m taking one of these great makeup removing cloths with me.

Other Toiletries

Schwarkoph got2b Hairspray
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Colgate Toothpaste
Sure Roll on Deodorant
Kiehl’s Conditioner
L’Oréal Conditioner
Shower gel and Shampoo

My boyfriend has really sensitive skin so we are just using really gentle baby shampoo and shower gel on our trip. I put them into these small travel bottles to take up less space. I am trying to wash my hair less so the dry shampoo really helps when on holiday. The lovely lady that works at Kiehl’s gave me this conditioner sample when I bought my sunscreen as I was chatting about going on holiday. The other conditioner I saved from when I dyed my hair last week as it’s the perfect size to travel with.

I rarely buy travel sized toiletries because I just find them so overpriced. I always prefer to just buy a regular sized product and take it if it’s small or decant it into a smaller bottle.

Have you tried any of these skin products or toiletries before? What did you love and what didn’t you? Leave me a comment and let me know your must have travel hair and beauty products!

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