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The Bridesmaid Wedding Duties

Hello bridesmaids! Here is a blog post for you lovely ladies that stand by the bride’s side. Share this post with your fellow bridesmaids, and if you are a bride why not pass this along to your lovely maids. (Also click here to read the bridesmaids do’s and don’ts) Being asked to be a bridesmaid is such an honour, but don’t forget there are a few more things for you to do than just wear a dress and smile next to the bride. Read on to find out the bridesmaids’ duties.

Planning the hen party

Normally it’s the maid of honour who plans the hen party, with the other bridesmaids helping. Try and find out a few ideas that the bride would like then plan a great surprise for her that she will really enjoy.

Offer the bride support

Planning a wedding is so much fun but it can also be stressful. Lending an ear and being a shoulder to cry on can be invaluable and can really help your friend. Let them know that you are there for them if they want to talk.

Why not send them this blog so they can read my top tips on dealing with wedding stress.

Going wedding dress shopping

Some brides want to go dress shopping alone or with just their mum, but normally this is something that the bridesmaids will go along to as well. As a friend of the bride it’s your job to be honest, but to also be kind. Wedding dress shopping is so much fun and even if she doesn’t find her dress it’s great getting ideas and having a giggle together.

Offer to help with wedding planning

There is so much for the bride and groom to do when planning a wedding, so why not offer to help out where you can. Grab a bunch of bridal magazines and head over to the bride’s house to look through them and fold down the pages of any wedding ideas you both like.

Ask her if there are any areas of the wedding she needs help with. If she is still looking for a cake you can research cake makers in your area and make a Pinterest board of designs that you think she might like. She will be so happy that you are keen to help her out.

Be a calming influence on the day

Wedding nerves are so common, and sometimes if a small thing goes wrong it can be disastrous for a bride. As a bridesmaid it is up to you to help keep her calm, remind her why she is doing this, and let her know it is all going to be ok no matter what happens.

I hope you found this blog useful and are excited to be a bridesmaid. Why not have a read of my bridesmaid do’s and don’ts blog post to learn what to do and what not to.

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