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10 Amazing Hen Party Ideas

Hello lovelies, today’s post is a great one for both brides and bridesmaids to read. Hen parties are so much fun, it’s so wonderful for the bride to get together with her bridesmaids and loved ones and have a good time. It is great for the ladies in both families to meet and for friends to get to know each other before the wedding. Are you planning a hen party but are not quite sure what to do? Keep reading for my top 10 hen party ideas.

1 – Cocktail Making

I love cocktails. Anything fruity is my favourite, and if it has some kind of fruit floating in it then that’s even better. Me and my girls love doing cocktail making nights so this is always a hit with us. Why not have a look at the Cocktail Queen?

The Cocktail Queen has been running for the last 8 years and visits your home or venue and offers delicious cocktails. Play a party game or two and even try your luck at making a cocktail yourself. The Queen will ensure you have a hen night to remember for years to come.

The Cocktail Queen Website

The Cocktail Queen Facebook

2 – Murder Mystery Night

Murder mystery is so much fun. Choose a character, dress up, be someone else for the night and solve a crime. It’s like being a kid again and is hilarious. You can buy a murder mystery game to be sent to you or buy a package online where you print out the clues.

3 – Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a massage? If you are looking to chill out then why not go to a spa and spend the day in the sauna, steam room or pool and have a relaxing treatment. Lots of places do tasty lunches and bubbly as well so make the most of it and have a relaxing day with the girls.

4 – Weekend at a Lodge

Sometimes it’s not just about what you do, it’s about who you are with. Go away for a weekend to a lodge and just enjoy having everyone together. You can all chip in with the cooking and do some quizzes and games. This can even be your base where you all stay together in-between your other hen activities.

5 – Water/ Outdoor Sports

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my favourite thing, I’m not a huge fan of getting cold and wet but I have had lots of brides go rock climbing, indoor skiing and doing water sports on their hens and raving about it.

Why not check out the newly opened Fox Lake Dundee to see the amazing range of water sports they offer.

Foxlake Dundee Website

Foxlake Dundee Facebook

6 – Mini Holiday

A 3 or 4 day holiday is so much fun. It’s great to have a break and it’s exciting to go away somewhere. It can be a party holiday to Ibiza or a fun holiday to Disneyland Paris. Just remember that as much as you would love everyone to be there, holidays are an added expense so not everyone will be able to make it.

7 – Ghost Walk

If you are a lover of all things scary and spooky then why not go on a ghost walk? We did this as a surprise for my friend’s hen party and she loved it! We dressed her up as the Corpse Bride and went around the graveyards of Stirling with our amazing guide from Stirling Ghost Walk. If this is what you are thinking of you have to check these guys out!

Stirling Ghost Walk Website

8 – Karaoke

Karaoke reminds me of being younger and just singing my heart out, even though I am a terrible singer! Get the girls round and have a giggle with a karaoke machine or hit up a karaoke bar. Don’t worry about how you sound, it’s all just for fun!

9 – A Night on The Town

Why not have a classic hen night out on the town? Dare cards, willy straws, hen party t-shirts and sashes; the lot! You can set a theme for the night and all dress up, or dress the bride up and all wear matching t-shirts. Hit the bride’s favourite bars and dance the night away.

10 – Local City Break

If you and your hens want a few days away but don’t want to go abroad why not have a local city break? Rent an Air B n B and stay in a home away form home for a few days. In a city you can enjoy shopping, cocktail bars, nice food and even a cheeky night out.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top 10 hen party ideas and that it has helped you see that there can be so much more to hen parties than just getting a stripper! If you are a bride then share this blog post with your hens to give them some ideas if they are planning your hen party. What is your favourite idea from this list, or do you have any other great hen ideas to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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