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Recommended Wedding Supplier Siobhan Diamond Photography

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to my recommended suppliers pages. Today I am talking to the lovely Siobhan of Siobhan Diamond Photography.

Photograph by Siobhan Diamond Photography

About Siobhan Diamond Photography

Hello. My name is Siobhan Diamond I am a full-time wedding photographer! I am so in love with my job. I am fortunate enough to get to travel the world photographing amazing weddings and amazingly I get paid to do so! Woohoo.

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Photograph by Siobhan Diamond Photography

I have an adorable little office in my lovely house situated beside the beach in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland. In this comfortable space you can view albums/books and I make a mean cup of tea!

Siobhan Diamond Photography’s Signature Style

This is a really tricky one. My signature style I guess would be natural. Fun with a romantic feel is what I have had clients describe images as. Keeping things fun and comfortable is very important to me. Being an ‘awkward picture getter’ I am not into heavy posing, although I use some cute tricks to make you fall into comfortable and happy poses.

Photograph by Siobhan Diamond Photography

What makes Siobhan Diamond Photography Different?

What makes me different? I guess I like to think I am very organised and efficient, it’s a compliment that I absolutely LOVE hearing! Making sure people understand what will be happening in the lead up to their wedding. The other compliment that makes me really happy to hear is that they felt very comfortable with me, like spending time with an old friend. I really try and get a feel for the people I am photographing, from cute rock n rollers to hippies in the woods, I like to tailor my approach to each person. Also I always make your happiness on the day at the heart of my focus, balancing what I am there to do but not removing you from an amazing day!

Photograph by Siobhan Diamond Photography

Why does Bride to Beauty Recommend Siobhan Diamond Photography

Siobhan has such a bubbly, friendly personality that makes her a dream to work with. She makes couples feel so relaxed and at ease and in doing so captures beautiful images. Her photographs are rustic and romantic and so full of emotion. If you are looking for a wedding photographer than I highly recommend getting in touch with Siobhan. She is just fantastic.

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