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5 Top Tips For Having an Unplugged Wedding

Hello lovelies,

Today I am going to be talking about unplugged weddings. What is an unplugged wedding you say? This is when guests are asked to refrain from using mobile phones, tablets, and cameras etc. during the wedding. They are often asked not to post any images of the wedding online until the next day/ week so that the couple have the opportunity to share their wedding pictures with loved ones themselves first.

With technology advancing, mobiles and tablets are becoming so common and pretty much everyone at a wedding will have one in their pocket or bag. Lots of us feel lost without our phone and spend more time than we would like to admit browsing social media.

As much as I love technology, sometimes I do feel like it is taking over. At Christmas, birthdays and weddings are you actually watching what’s happening or are you watching it through a recording on your phone? Are you looking at the bride and groom’s first kiss or trying to get the best picture of it? Are you laughing and crying at the speeches or trying to make sure you film it all without shaking too much?

Photography by Mark Timm Photography
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There is nothing worse than phones ringing accidentally during a wedding ceremony. People’s hands in the air as they try to get high enough for a perfect picture, standing in the aisle with their phones flashing. Even worse, this can get in the way of the professional photographer and may mean they don’t get the best shot because someone is standing in front of them with a tablet or phone.

I’m not saying don’t let your guests take any photographs, guests do get some great pictures at your wedding that are really special. Just have a think about when you want them to be on their phones and when you want them to be involved in what’s going on.

Here are my 5 top tips for having an unplugged wedding:

1 – Decide what parts of your wedding you want unplugged

The wonderful thing about your wedding is it’s your wedding so you and your partner can decide what’s going to happen. It is important to discuss with your other half your unplugged plans and decide on what rules you would like to set. Do you want the ceremony to be the only unplugged part? Do you want to include the speeches? Do you want your couple shots to just be the two of you and your photographer? If you don’t mind people taking images you can still ask them to not share them online until you have had the chance to yourself.

Photography – Christina Quinn Photography 

2 – Put it in the invites/on your wedding website

It’s great to let people know what your plans are before the wedding. If people are aware that this is what you both want then they are more likely to do it for you.

3 – Let people know why this is important to you

If anyone asks you why they can’t take pictures during your ceremony let them know that you want them to enjoy the day and be involved, not looking at their phones. Technology can distract your guests from what is being said, so encourage them to keep their arms down and their hearts open during your ceremony.

4 – Have your registrar announce it.

It is common practice now for the person who is conducting your wedding ceremony to remind your guests that you would prefer an unplugged wedding. All that’s needed is a few words to say that you would both prefer if they kept their phones away and enjoyed your ceremony.

5 – Have a sign

I love signs, I have signs all over my house. I have at least 15 in my kitchen alone, and you just can’t beat them. Come up with a catchy slogan, poem or even something sweet or funny to let people know about your unplugged wedding.

Are you planning or considering an unplugged wedding? If so, what are your reasons behind it.? I hope that this blog post has given you some ideas. Let me know what you thought in the comments.

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