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Top 10 Tips for Dealing With Wedding Stress

Hello lovelies. Weddings, and their planning, are wonderful and can be so much fun, but they can also bring some stress with them. It is easy to let everything get on top of you and to feel swamped under the pressure. There is so much involved in wedding planning and this can make you feel stressed. Have a read of my 10 top tips for dealing with wedding stress.

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1 – Have some time just the two of you

Go on a date night or out together somewhere nice for the day and don’t talk about the wedding. Make time for just the two of you where you don’t need to worry about any wedding plans and remind yourselves why you are getting married.

2 – Don’t try and please other people

At the end of the day you are never going to please every single person who is coming to your wedding. Perhaps someone won’t love the meal choices, someone may want to be at the top table and isn’t, a bridesmaid might want different flowers etc. But it is yours and your partner’s wedding day, so you need to do what makes you both happy. Everyone is there because they love you, and they should be happy with whatever your choices for the day are.

3 – Don’t sweat the small stuff! I know small things can stress you out but sometimes you just have to let go if you want a stress free life. If the ribbon for your flowers are not the exact same colour as the ribbons for your chair covers, it may seem frustrating but on the wedding day you will barely notice it.

4 – Read a book

I know it may sound silly but reading can really take your mind off things. Put on some relaxing music and spend an hour with a really good book. Let yourself get wrapped up in the characters’ lives instead of feeling stressed about your own.

5 – Make a check list

Make a list of all of the things you have to do before your wedding and tick them off one by one as you do them. Sometimes it’s easier to have a visual representation of what you have to do, and you can even give yourself a treat once you tick off a certain amount! I love a checklist and I give myself a little chocolate when I finish what I need to do.

6 – Set yourself goals and stick to them

It is impossible to start doing everything at once, so set yourself weekly or monthly goals for everything you would like to achieve. When you break it down like this is more manageable and you only have to concentrate on a few tasks at once instead of everything.

7 – Let people help you


If your friends and family offer to help, then let them. If they know a lot about one particular area then ask them to do some research and get back to you. If you have a friend who offers to make your cake or do your hair then (if you trust them) let them, and that is one less thing off your list. Even just having someone listen to you and give opinions on colours etc. is a huge help.

8 – Don’t stress about losing weight

Don’t buy a dress that is unrealistically small for you in the hope that you will lose weight. This can be really stressful and make you unhappy. Don’t forget your partner is marrying you because they love you just as you are.

9 – Go for a massage

What’s better than a relaxing massage to eliminate stress? Whilst saving for your wedding some of your usual luxuries are put on hold, but if you are feeling stressed then go on and treat yourself.

10 – Talk to your partner

Don’t take on all of the stress of the wedding yourself. Talk to your partner; it is great to get a fresh perspective on your worries. Your partner may be able to come up with solutions and help you handle the stress.

Have you been feeling stressed during your wedding planning, or when thinking about your big day? I would love to hear from you if this blog helped, or if you have any other tips for other brides. Let me know in the comments.

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