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Top 10 Wedding Photographs to Capture Your Big Day

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all enjoying the New Year. If this is the year that you get married then you have come to the right place! Bride to Beauty Blog has lots of great posts on planning for your big day. Visiting a wedding exhibition? Then read this blog. If you need help sleeping the night before your wedding, have a read of this blog.

I always think one of the most important wedding suppliers you will book for your big day is a photographer. Your photographer will capture all of the wonderful, happy and unique parts of your day. Today I am going to be sharing with you my top 10 photographs to capture your big day, featuring images from the extremely talented Kirsty Brown Photography. I am lucky enough to have been working alongside Kirsty for around 8 years. I have seen her work at countless weddings and have even been photographed by her as a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding. For more information on the wedding photography service that Kirsty offers then have a look at her website.

1 – Wedding Flowers

Good wedding flowers can last for a few weeks after your big day, however photographs of them will last forever.

2 – Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Designer heels, quirky designs, personalised shoes, trainers, you name it, brides can have it. Don’t forget to ask for a picture of your dancing shoes.

3 – Hair and makeup touch ups

As a hair and makeup artist I always feel that the best time for these photographs are once the hair and makeup is finished. It is nice to have images of your makeup being done, however they look the best once the makeup is done, and a mock up shot of having lip stick, powder or hairspray applied applied.

4 – Wedding Dress

I love pictures of wedding dresses. Hanging on a window, hanging above a four poster bed, or even hanging next to a Christmas tree. This is when you can get gorgeous close up details of your dress without having to stand still while wearing it to do so.

5 – Parents’ First Look

When a mother or father sees the bride in her dress for the first time I have to look away for a second to compose myself as this makes me feel so emotional. This is the perfect moment to capture so you can remember it forever.

6- Transportation

You are all made up, giddy and ready to go so get a snap of you heading to your venue in your amazing wedding transport.

7 – Personal Touches

Anything homemade or personal to you and your partner is worth remembering and is so important to capture. These are all of the little things that make your wedding special and unique.

8 – First Kiss

This one doesn’t even need an explanation, it’s just so beautiful and shows the love that your wedding day is all about.

9 – First Dance

Dancing is my favourite part of being a guest at a wedding. I always have a little cry at the first dance.

10 – The Rings

There are so many ways to create fun and unique pictures with your rings. In your wedding flowers, on your vows or even on interlocking hands. Have a look on Pinterest for some ideas.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog and that it has given you some inspiration for your own wedding photographs. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thoughts are. What other pictures are a must have for your big day?


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