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20 Wedding Money Saving Tips For a Savvy Bride

Hello Lovelies, Today I am going to be talking about ways to save money for your wedding. Every wedding has a budget. Whether it is £5000, £10,000 or even £50,000, there is still a budget there. It can be easy to get carried away and spend lots of money, so here are some great money saving tips for your wedding.

I’m not going to tell you to lie to your photographer and say you are having a party instead of a wedding, or book a hobbyist photographer friend who hasn’t shot a wedding before to save money as I personally think that’s risky and not good advice. My advice is real ways to save money and still have amazing venues and suppliers.

Photography – Kirsty Brown Photography 
Hair and make-up – Jillian Elizabeth Hair and Makeup Artist

1 – Make your own photo booth with a Polaroid  Have a scrap book or album and some glue sticks or double sided tape so people can stick down their photo and write you a personalised message.

2 – Buy cheap frames and paint them Spray paint all the frames then use chalk board paint on the glass and voila; chalk boards signs that you can write quotes on.

3 – Buy alcohol in bulk If your venue doesn’t have bar, instead of hiring one in you can bulk buy alcohol and put on your own open bar. Go to a wholesalers and look out for special deals around Christmas time. Some venues that do have a bar allow you to provide your own bottles of bubbly and wine etc. for a corkage charge. Sometimes this can be cheaper than buying the bottles with them.

4 – Go for an alternative meal Instead of going for a full 3 course meal, what about a BBQ, buffet style, fish and chip van or hog roast? All of these meal options are getting so popular now and can be cheaper per person.

5 – Do sweets as favours I always see so many wedding favours left at weddings, if it’s not food or sweets it can get wasted a lot of the time. Buy mini jars or bags and fill them with mixed sweets than can be bought in bulk at wholesale. Everyone loves a wee sweet and these will be perfect whilst waiting for your meal.

6 – Buy an ex sample dress Wedding dresses can cost thousands and if you are trying to stick to a smaller budget this can be too much for you. Some shops will sell off their sample dresses for a fraction of the price so look out for when they have a sale on.

7 – Search in discount shops Pound shops and discount shops have some amazing finds if you look hard enough. Photo frames, mason jars, vases and lots of different bits and  pieces can be found here that you can use for wedding decoration.

8 – Buy bridesmaids dresses from the high street or online Asos, Monsoon, Boohoo and Debenhams all have lovely dresses that would make gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. Even better, buy during a summer or festive sale to get a great price.

9 – Book an out of season wedding Summer is peak wedding season and during this time wedding venues can be more expensive. Some venues will do a cheaper price over late autumn, winter and early spring. Weddings at this time of year can be so beautiful. Have a look at my Autumn or Winter wedding inspiration blogs for some great wedding ideas.

10 – Book professional and experienced suppliers Have you heard the saying if you pay cheap you pay twice? Yep! I cannot count the number of brides that come to me for makeup who have already had a trial with a cheaper artist and hated it. It is always the same, far too much makeup, they did one look and didn’t listen and it didn’t last. I would advise to never scrimp on your wedding suppliers, do your research, look at their websites and reviews and meet them to ask questions before you book.

11 – Go to wedding exhibitions A wedding exhibition is a great place to meet suppliers, see their work and ask questions. Some suppliers will have a special show discount if you book on the day and sometimes for a few days after also. For my top tips on visiting a wedding exhibition have a read of this blog. 

I made this wedding cake for my brother and sister in laws wedding!

12 – Let friends and family help If someone you know is creative and offers to make you favours, tablet, cupcakes or even your wedding cake then let them. Homemade gifts for the wedding are so lovely. I made my brother and his wife’s wedding cake and although it was stressful at the time it was worth it because they loved it. I used my great Grandad’s recipe and my mum helped me mix it all up, then I iced it and hand painted it. It wasn’t perfect but I think that added to the charm.

13 – Buy your gifts in the sales Gifts for bridesmaids, flower girls, mums, dads, groomsmen and so on can really mount up. Keep an eye on black Friday, summer, or after Christmas sales to get some amazing discounts on lovely gifts. This is a great way to save money if you are buying 3 or 4 of the same gift.

14 – Sell what you don’t need to keep after the wedding Wedding shoes, bridesmaids dresses, table decorations etc. can all be sold after your wedding. There are lots of brides looking for cheaper second hand wedding items on eBay and in Facebook groups. Keep sentimental things that you would miss, and sell everything else. Some people even sell their wedding dress…

15 – Buy a vintage ring Vintage engagement and wedding rings are beautiful, full of character and can sometimes be cheaper than buying a new ring. Family rings that have been passed down have great sentimental value and may even be gifted to you for free.

16 – Keep it small during the day Although it can be tempting to invite everyone you know, if you keep it to just close friends and family during the day and for the meal it will save you a lot of money. Invite more people to celebrate with you in the evening.

17 – Get wedding insurance Wedding insurance may seem like an extra cost but if anything goes wrong, if one of your suppliers goes bust or doesn’t turn up, your venue closes down before your wedding or your cake gets dropped, then your insurance can help you cover the costs of alternatives.

18 – Ask for money as a gift Some people feel embarrassed or awkward about asking for money as a gift but it is so common now. Most people will be happy to give you money instead of a gift that you do not need. And if guests don’t want to give you money, then they won’t.

19 – Have a delayed honeymoon Saving for a wedding and a honeymoon can be pricey and may mean that you have to forfeit things for each that you may want. Why not save for the wedding and have a delayed honeymoon 6 months to a year later?

20 – Don’t rush into planning your wedding When you get engaged it’s really exciting and of course the first thing you want to do is plan your wedding as soon as possible, but planning it for a few years means you can spend some time putting money away instead of blowing all of your savings. If you plan to be together for the rest of your life then what’s a few more years?

Planning a wedding can be so much fun, stressful at times, but ultimately wonderful and exciting. I hope you have enjoyed reading my 20 wedding money saving tips and that you can use some of these for your own weddings. What is your best wedding money saving tip? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “20 Wedding Money Saving Tips For a Savvy Bride

  1. I would definitely agree with thinking “outside the box” when it comes to the wedding meal. We decided early on that we’d rather do a big BBQ & Hog Roast rather than try and decide on a 3 course meal that would cost a lot more and not please everyone. We’re so glad we did – there was so much choice of food everyone could pick what they felt like eating rather than be forced to eat the same thing. And there was enough food to let people go up for seconds and even thirds, and cost significantly less than the set meal alternatives we’d seen. We received a lot of positive feedback from the guests too – they liked having so much variety to choose from. It also stopped people being stuck at their tables for a couple of hours and helped with mingling.

    On a practical note, this option also made last minute cancellations a lot easier to deal – I emailed my caterers with an updated final numbers the week of the wedding and they could easily accommodate it. I’m sure this would have been a lot more difficult for a 3 course menu.

    1. Hello Kirsty 🙂
      This sounds so great! I think hog roasts are so tasty and so much fun. You are right it is great to have people mingle and not feel like they are tied to their seat place. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

  2. This is great! A lot of things we are doing so it’s great to know we are on the right track! I’m going to take your advice on bridesmaids dresses from the high street to fit our festival theme! Thanks so much for the great advice! 🙂

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