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Ten Top Tips for the Newly Engaged

Hello lovelies,

Happy January! I can’t believe it is the start of a new year, and what a wonderful year it is going to be. This year I am bridesmaid for my gorgeous friend, Fiona, and I will be jetting out to New York to do wedding hair and makeup for my beautiful cousin, Bobbi. Congratulations to all of you newly engaged people out there, here is my ten top tips for the newly engaged. I hope you enjoy it.

1 – Tell people

You are just engaged and you are brimming with excitement to tell everyone and show off your ring, so go and visit your friends and family. Phone them, skype them, then after your nearest and dearest know, post it on social media. You don’t want your loved ones finding out from someone else or missing it online and being the last to know.

2 – Get your nails done

Nails by Jillian Elizabeth

Everyone is going to be asking to see your hands to admire your gorgeous ring and you will most likely be sneaking your hands into every selfie and snap shot you are in. French is always classic and beautiful, and why not add in a little bit of glitter or a design.

3 – Be prepared for questions

Everyone will ask you if you are excited, and then comes the floods of questions. When are you getting married, where are you getting married, who are your bridesmaids, are you going to have a baby straight away? If you know those answers then great, but if not don’t worry, just let people know you are enjoying being engaged and will be making decisions later.

4 – Celebrate

It doesn’t have to be a party, but going out for a meal or a few drinks is so much fun to do and is a great opportunity for both of your parents to get to know each other a little if they don’t already.

5 – Talk budget

I know it is early days but it’s a good idea to set a rough budget or at least discuss with each other realistically what you can afford to spend on your wedding. If you would like to spend more than you have on your wedding then this will let you know how long you have to save for it.

6 – Go to a wedding exhibition

Wedding exhibitions are great. It can be so much fun to go along and see what is on offer. If you are not sure what you want for your day this is a great opportunity to get ideas. However, it can be overwhelming, so have a read of my 6 tips for visiting a wedding exhibition.

7 – Set a date

Some couples have a special date in mind. Be it your anniversary, a family anniversary or even just a time of year that you love.

8 – Look at venues

There are so many different venues to look at it can be so difficult to choose what you both want. Have a think about the type of venue; barn, castle, hotel, and then start to research this type of venue in your area. Once you have a few on your list make appointments to go for a wedding tour and see if you fall in love with the right place.

9 – Set a rough guest list

You don’t have to set a guest list in stone but even just deciding whether it’s just close friends and
family or if you want to invite everyone you know. If you have a venue then half the number they can hold and each create a list of who you would like there, keeping to that number. If you don’t have a venue yet then creating a list can help you decide on the size of venue you will need.

10 – Choose your bridal party

This is a really difficult one. I have heard so many brides in the past tell me that they felt like that had to ask people to be their bridesmaids. At the end of the day, more bridesmaids means more money. If you are willing to pay that then great, but if not then one or two is just fine.

And breathe! There is so much to do when planning a wedding so don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. You two are getting married because you love each other and want to spend your life together  so if it ever gets hard during wedding planning just remember that.

I hope that you enjoy this blog post and that it will help you with your wedding planning. If you have any great wedding planning advice then let us know in the comments.

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