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Rimmel Wonderwing Liner

Hello lovelies. I hope you are all well. Today I am reviewing the Rimmel Wonderwing liner. This is the new eyeliner form Rimmel for people who love a winged liner but find it difficult to do. It makes it easier as it has a winged liner stamp that you stamp on you your eye for an instant flick.

The Wonderwing liner is £5.99 and can be bought here.

I saw the advert for this eyeliner and people posting about it online so I decided I had to try it. Here is what I thought.

My initial thoughts were that I loved the packaging. I am a sucker for make up in black packaging as I always think it looks professional. I tested the liner on my hand and the pigmentation was great and once dried it was smudge proof.

Firstly I used the pointed tip to line my eyes. This was easy to do but as I am used to using a brush it felt different as the liner is quite rigid. Next I used the shaped stamper part to apply the wing to my eyeliner. This was tricky to do at first as it is a completely different way from how I am used to applying my eyeliner. I practiced using it a few times and it got easier to apply.

I think this would be great for people who don’t know how to do an eyeliner flick and/or find it difficult to get their flicks even. I did really enjoy this product but as I wear an eyeliner flick every day and use liquid liner to apply it, for me it was just too different from how I am used to doing it and ended up taking me longer. But the flicks were thicker flicks than I am used to wearing and I actually really liked that.

Do you wear an eyeliner flick or do you find it difficult to do? Do you think the Rimmel Woderwing liner would make this easier for you? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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