10 Top Tips for Bridal Makeup Artists

As well as running this blog I also run a bridal hair and makeup studio in Scotland. I love doing bridal makeup and did my first wedding makeup over 8 years ago. Back then I was 20 and very nervous doing my first wedding but also very glad that a bride had trusted me to be a part of her big day. Now I feel confident and love going to a weddings, and over the past 8 years I have learned some pretty important things. I want to share my 10 tips for bridal makeup artists. I hope these help!

Hair and makeup – Jillian Elizabeth Hair and Makeup Artistry
Photography – Siobhan Diamond Photogaphy

1 – Get a website

Although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are all fantastic free tools for your business, a website is a must. This is a professional place that you can display your pricing, terms and conditions, portfolio and all information that brides require. Use this alongside your social media accounts and share links to your website

2 – Remain professional on your social media accounts

If you are using your social media for your business then make it entirely for business and have separate accounts for your personal life. It can be nice to share some of your personal life with your clients, but swearing, pictures of nights out and ranting is not what your clients want to see.

3 – Provide brides with contracts

Contracts are essential for both you and your bride and I always advise brides to get them from all of their wedding suppliers. Your contract will protect you both and should include all of your terms and conditions and what will happen if either of you have to cancel.
Your contract should also include a breakdown of your pricing and how and when payments are due. Both of you should sign and date the contract and keep a copy each. I always encourage my brides to read the contract before they sign it and to ask me if they have any questions.

4 – Always be on time

When traveling to a wedding always leave a bit earlier than needed to allow for traffic and getting lost. Always Google Map where you are going and take a screen shot on your phone in case you lose signal. I know it sounds silly, but I once drove to a wedding venue that I had never been to before got lost for 30 minutes and ended up in a little village police station with a police officer drawing me a map, and I was still on time for the wedding!
Being late looks unprofessional and also causes unnecessary stress for the bride and yourself. This can lead to you not having as much time as you expected for your bridal party.

5 – Make a checklist for your kit

It can be difficult to remember every single thing that you need to bring with you for a wedding, so having a little check list of all of the products you need can be really useful. Every time you pack up your kit have a quick read through your check list to ensure you have everything. This can honestly be a life saver.

6 – Condense your kit

Carrying around a huge makeup kit can be costly and unnecessary. Condensing your kit is a great way to save your back and your purse and save you from wasting makeup on products that may not get used.
Learn how to mix everything. I mix foundations, concealers, lipstick, blushes and pretty much every makeup product I have to find the exact right colour. When you do this it saves you from buying and carrying lots of products. You don’t need to have all of the new makeup palettes to be a great artist. Learn more of building your makeup kit on a budget by clicking here.

7 – Learn how to multi use products

As hard as we try to remember all of the makeup we need, sometimes (because we are human) we will forget something. Being resourceful and learning to multi use products can help you get out of a sticky situation. Lipstick can be used as blusher, matte eye shadow can be used as a brow powder, and sometimes you have to get a little bit creative.
Once I forgot to bring my bright green eye shadow to a wedding, and that was the colour that the mother of the bride wanted. I had my SFX palette in the car so I got my grease paint and used that then matted it down with powder and blended it with other eye shadows and it looked perfect. The MOB never knew and it lasted all day.

8 – Be hygienic

This is one of the most important things you can learn being a make-up artist. Always wash your hand before each client and if you have to, wash them during.
Use 70% IPA (99% evaporates too quickly to penetrate the makeup and clean it) to clean your makeup and brushes in-between clients and wash all of your brushes after each wedding.

9 – Take a bottle of water and a snack for after

Weddings mean early starts and working around 5 – 8 hours with no break. Drink your water during it to ensure you stay hydrated and once you leave eat a cereal bar or piece of fruit etc. to keep your energy up.

10 – Wear comfortable shoes

When I first started out as a makeup artist I wore heels because I thought I had to look a certain way. Then I moved to flat shoes or boots and now I wear trainers. Standing for up to 8 hours without a break can lead to very sore feet so make sure you find a comfy pair of shoes that you love. My trainers are black so I tell myself they still look professional and the difference in my feet at the end of the day is amazing.

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 tips for bridal makeup artists, and that you found them useful. I would love to hear if you have any more tips; please leave them in the comments.

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