8 Tips For Building Your Makeup Kit on a Budget

Starting out as a makeup artist is really exciting and fun, but it can also be very costly. Makeup is very expensive and you want to buy the best possible products you can. I have been doing makeup for 8 years and I am constantly adding to my kit. Here are a few great ideas for building your kit but still sticking within a budget.

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1 – Buy needs not wants

I know it can be tempting to buy all of the latest beautiful looking makeup, but it isn’t necessary. For eye shadow have one natural palette, one bright palette and one smokey eye palette and you will be able to create any eye look that a client wants.

2 – Learn to mix your colours

This is such a great skill to have as a makeup artist. I learned it because when I was starting out I had to. I was a student and didn’t have enough money to buy lots of make up, so I had to mix. I still do it to this day because it saves space in my kit and means I can custom shades to get the perfect colours for each client.

For your foundations have a few light, a few medium and a few dark of each type (light, med and full coverage) instead of having each individual colour and just mix to the shade that matches your client’s skin tone. For lipsticks, if you have a red and a brown then you can mix a red brown and if you have a pink and a peach blush you can mix it to have a pinky peach.

3 – Know your professional discounts

There are lots of makeup brands that do a professional trade discount for makeup artists. Learn which brands do a discount and buy from them. This really helps when you have to buy 4 or 5 foundations. For a list of what brands do a pro discount and where to apply.

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4 – Buy sensitive skin care

Of course using skincare designed for each skin type is best, however when you are building your kit you may not be able to afford lots of different skincare. Using a sensitive cleanser, toner and moisturiser will be fine for almost all clients. As it is sensitive it is unlikely to irritate you client’s skin. You can always use primers, facial oil and setting sprays to target certain skin types. I love the Botanics Hydration Burst range, this is perfect for sensitive skin, read my blog on it here.

5 – Buy your disposables in bulk

Baby wipes, tissues, cotton wool pads and mascara wands are all things that don’t cost too much when buying one or two packets, but the price does mount up. If you buy them in bulk then you will save money in the long run and it means that you won’t run out of them every few weeks. Every so often there is a sale on boxes of baby wipes and you can buy a 100 pack of mascara wands on eBay for a few pounds.

6- Use baby shampoo to wash your brushes

Don’t spend £10 – £15 on brush shampoos if you don’t need to. You can get baby shampoo for around £1 and it works perfectly. Wash your brushes with a little shampoo, rinse it all out then gently squeeze out all of the water and leave to dry. Please note this doesn’t sanitise your brushes, you will need to use 70% IPA for that.

7 – Learn how to multi use products

Just because a product says lipstick, that doesn’t mean it is the only thing that it can do. Learning to use a product for different things will help you if you run out or forget a product and if you want to buy less products. A lipstick can be used on cheeks, a concealer can be mixed with a little moisturiser for a foundation, use blusher as eyeshadows as eyeshadows as brow powders. If you can make it work then go for it.

8 – Buy good quality brushes and look after them

Good quality makeup brushes will last a long time. I have some makeup brushes that I bought 8 years ago and they are still in great condition. If you wash them and dry them properly then they really will last. Cheaper brushes are great to bulk up your kit but I always find that they fall apart with use and washing.

I really hope you have enjoyed my blog post on building your makeup kit within a budget. Leave me a comment , let me know if you found it useful, and let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own.

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