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Hand Sewn Engagement Gift

When people get engaged it can be so difficult to figure out what to get them as a gift. When my friends Julie and Craig got engaged my first thought was to get them a smash jar that you save your money up in and then smash once full. I spoke to Craig and he said they already had one so I was back to the drawing board. They got engaged in Santorini and I was trying to think of something special to do with that, so I came up with sewing a map of Santorini with a heart on it. I really hope you all like this hand sewn engagement gift.

My favourite gifts are handmade gifts and things that are special and can’t be bought. I love a gift that money cannot buy and I really hope my friends do too as I can’t tell you the amount of homemade or home baked gifts I have given over the years.

In order to make this yourself you need to have the ability to do a running stitch and a cross stitch. Once you have mastered that you can sew any map you like, which would be a perfect engagement or wedding gift.

What you will need:

– Aida fabric

– Needle

– Thread (I choose black and red)

– Pins

– Scissors

– Map of Santorini (or a place of your choice)

– Photo frame

Firstly, I found a map of Santorini online and printed it out on paper. I then bought a frame that would fit the map with space all around it. I cut out the map and pinned it onto the Aida fabric.

Next I did a running stitch around the outside of the map then removed the map.

I then cross stitched a love heart over Perissa, the place that Julie and Craig stayed whilst in Santorini.

The next step was the hardest and took the most time.  Here I googled a number and lettering cross stitch pattern and found this image.

I couldn’t find a website for it so I can’t credit the person that made it, but it wasn’t me! I copied the lettering and numbers to spell out Julie and Craig and the date they got engaged.

Finally  I put it in the frame. It took 6 hours in total to do and I did it over one day, just stopping to have lunch. I haven’t cross stitched in about a year so I think if I had been doing it more often I would have been able to do it a bit quicker.

What do you think? Would you ever make a gift like this, or would you love to receive such a personal gift? Let me know in the comments. If you make this I would love to see; tag me in a picture of it on Instagram.

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