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8 Top Tips to Help Your Wedding Morning Run Smoothly

Wedding mornings can feel rushed and stressful, however it really shouldn’t be that way. Read my 8 top tips for your wedding morning to ensure you have a relaxed, fun and well prepared wedding morning.

1 – Take your make-up off the night before

Ok so this tip is technically for the night before, but it is important for your wedding day. Whatever you do, do not sleep in your make up. It is so important to take it off the night before so it is fresh and clean for the morning. I would advise introducing a facial oil into your skincare routine and using it the night before your wedding. I love the Body Shops Oils of Life Revitalising Facial Oil.

2 – Have a shower, wash your hair and get dressed

When you wake up it’s great to just get up and have a shower so you are ready to start the day. I always like my brides to have clean hair with no hair products for me to style. Talk to your hair stylist to see what they prefer.

When dressing have a think of what would be practical for your wedding day. A button up top or a loose V-neck or vest top is easy to remove and will not mess up your hair or make-up. Loose clothing that will not leave marks is great, and if you are wearing a strapless dress then think about a vest instead of a bra so you don’t have strap marks.

3 – Know your timings for hair and makeup

Photograph – Siobhan Diamond Photography 

Check with your hair stylist and makeup artist beforehand what time they are coming, and ensure that they know when your wedding starts and when you and your maids want to be ready for. You want to make sure you have plenty of time to all get into your dresses, have a glass of bubbly and have some pictures taken after your hair and makeup is done.

4 – Hang up your dress

Hang up your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses somewhere in your room or a separate room. Ensure they are away from where you will be doing hair and make-up or  eating so there are no spilling accidents. It is great to get photographs of your dresses hanging up together and also you want to air out any small creases.

5 – Don’t forget to eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so they say. I cannot imagine getting through a day without eating breakfast. Even if you aren’t hungry, have a small breakfast, even just a banana to keep you going. Also make sure you have either lunch or nibbles for yourself and your maids to much on while you are getting ready. A lot of weddings are at 2pm and meals can be 4pm or 5pm, so this can be a long time to go without food.

6 – Try not to drink too much

It is great to have a glass of bubbly or two, however, I do not recommend overdoing it before you get married. Firstly your registrar may not marry you if you are drunk and you don’t want to have a hangover before you get to your meal. Try and pace yourself so you can enjoy and remember your whole day.

7 – Ensure you have a large room with natural light

It is really important to have a room that is big enough for all of your maids and also space for your hair and makeup artist to set up. If it is a small, cramped room then there will not be enough space to move around and enjoy yourself. It is great to have a room with lots of natural light for your makeup and some beautiful photographs.

8 – Try to relax and enjoy yourself

Photograph –  Chris Simpson Photography 
Makeup – Jillian Elizabeth Makeup Artistry

I know it can be stressful on the day of your wedding, small things may not go the way you planned and you can get stressed but please try to enjoy yourself. This is the only time you are going to have your wedding morning, do you want to look back and remember you were stressed or do you want to remember that you had the best time ever laughing with your loved one?. When having your hair and makeup done put down your phone and enjoy the fact that you are being pampered.

I hope that you have enjoyed my 8 top tips for your wedding morning and I hope you put some of these into action on your wedding day. If you remember anything from this blog post I hope that it is to relax and enjoy yourself on your wedding morning.

If you have any more tips for the wedding morning please write them in the comments. Also comment to let me know what you thought of this post.

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24 thoughts on “8 Top Tips to Help Your Wedding Morning Run Smoothly

  1. I’m glad you said about washing your hair! I feel so much better when I wash my hair but sometimes people say not to wash it on the day! Well I trust you! So I’m happy!

    1. Hello Holly, so glad you enjoyed the blog 🙂 Yes I always prefer clean hair, that way I can use products to add texture to it!

  2. This is my very first time to visit here. I discovered several different enjoyable stuff as part of your blog,
    particularly its discourse. From the plenty of comments on the articles, I guess I am not the only one having
    most of the enjoyment! Keep up the superb job.

    1. Hello Isla, I am glad you found it useful. There are lots of other wedding planning blog posts, feel free to have a look around.

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