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5 Top Tips for Your Wedding Makeup Trial

Hello beautiful brides to be,

On your wedding day you will be photographed more than any other day, so of course you want to look your best. Your bridal makeup is such a big part of this, it has to be just right. Whether it’s a natural boho look, a strong contoured look, or a bold red lip and black liner combo, it’s important to have a trial with your makeup artist to ensure this is definitely the look you want.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to prepare and what to expect at your trial, so why not have a read of this blog and find out my 5 tops tips for your trial.

1 Find the right makeup artist for you

Do your research when looking for a makeup artist to ensure that you are booking with a reliable and experienced professional. Have a look around their website to get a feel for their work, and email or call them to have a chat about your day. It is so important you have a make-up artist you feel comfortable with.

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Hair and Makeup by Jillian Elizabeth 

For more information on how to book a professional make-up artist, have a read of this blog.

2 Have a makeup trial

Some brides ask “as a bride, do I need a makeup trial before my wedding?”

I would say 100% yes. It is so important to have a make-up trial so you can try out different looks and decide on the perfect makeup for you. It may sound trivial, however deciding between a nude lip and red lip or natural lashes and full lashes can take a while, and it is important for you to see both looks if you are unsure.

There really isn’t enough time to try out different makeup looks on your wedding day, so it is best that your make-up artist knows exactly the look you want. Trying out different eye and skin looks on the day can be very time consuming and stressful.

This is also an opportunity for you to meet your makeup artist, for them to get a feel for your skin, and to advise you on how to improve your skin for the day. It is also a good idea for you to wear your makeup for a full day to see how it lasts and looks on your skin and to allow you to decide if this is the look for you.

Photograph by Siobhan Diamond Photography
Hair and Makeup by Jillian Elizabeth 

3 Think about your wedding day style

I would advise having a think about the type of make-up look you would like before going to your make-up trial. Your makeup artist will advise you on what bridal looks will suit you, however you know yourself more than anyone so having a think about it can really help.

Do you wear make-up every day? If so, how much? Do you prefer a full face of makeup or a more natural look? Have a think of how you like your make-up to look for a special occasion, is it more than your everyday makeup look, and if so what makes it different?

Most brides say to me, “I want to look like the best version of myself on my wedding day.” I specialise in natural bridal make-up, so brides come to me specifically for that look.

Photograph by Siobhan Diamond Photography
Makeup by Jillian Elizabeth 

4 Bring along some pictures

Now this tip can be a little risky. If you tend to go for a natural look then do not be fooled by the Instagram makeup looks that are all the rage right now. Although these lovely ladies and gents’ skin looks flawless, be aware that it takes layers and layers of make-up, professional lighting, and editing and filters to create the looks you see online.

I recommend looking on your chosen artist’s website and Facebook page to see pictures of their real brides and see if any particular look or style is what you are looking for. Also have a look through different bridal magazines and see if any makeup looks stand out to you. These images will be more realistic and achievable looks for your day.

It can also be useful to bring along a picture of you with your make-up on at a time that you felt really beautiful. This will show the artist a look that you love on yourself, and if you have any specific ways that you like your makeup done (for me, it’s my beauty spot. It must be drawn on in the exact right spot and must be done with a liquid liner) then the artist will get a better idea on how to do it for you.

5 Tell your makeup artist what you would like, be honest, and speak up

Makeup artists aren’t mind readers, so it can be difficult for them to know exactly what you want without you telling them. Simply saying that you would like a natural look can mean so many different things to different people. In my experience it can mean “I don’t like any eye shadow but I do like a full coverage foundation,” or it can mean “I hardly ever wear foundation but I always define my eyes.”

Tell your make-up artist how you wear your makeup every day and how you wear it for a special occasion. If they ask you questions try and give as much information as possible and try hard not to say “just do what you want”, because they will do just that.

When you see the final result, if you don’t like the make-up try and think which aspects you don’t like. Did you want more coverage, are the brows more defined than you are used to, or do you not like the lip colour? Don’t feel pressured to say you love it if you don’t, sometimes a small part of the make-up can put you off the overall look. These changes can be easily made as this is what trials are for, to try out different looks, and more often than not once that small change is made you will love the overall look.

I hope this has been useful for you ladies. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you. Do you have any top tips for trials? Let me know.

Jillian at Bride to Beauty Blog

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