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10 Top Tips For Sleeping The Night Before Your Wedding

Your wedding day can be such a long and exciting day, so it is really important to get a good night’s sleep beforehand. Some brides are up for make-up and hair as early as 6am, and can then go to bed after midnight.

It can be difficult to sleep with all of the excitement, nerves, and so many thoughts going round in your head so here are my 10 top tips to ensure you have a great night’s sleep so you feel refreshed for the big day ahead.

Do a little light exercise
During the day do a little bit of exercise as this can help tire you out. It doesn’t have to be a full on gym session, even a little run or a walk will help.

Don’t drink too much alcohol
On the day before your wedding don’t have too much alcohol to drink. It can be tempting, however you can get dehydrated which can lead to you waking up in the night for a drink, and let’s face it, you don’t want a hangover on the morning of your wedding.

Go to bed early
I know it sounds obvious but getting an early night is a great idea I’m not saying go to bed at 8pm, however if your family and friends want to stay up to have some drinks and a celebrate, don’t stay with them too long. It may seem like you are missing out but it will be worth it the next day.

Have a bath
Run a nice cosy bubble bath and take an hour or so to yourself to just chill out and relax. You will be doing lots of running around the day before your wedding, so take this time to yourself. Treat yourself to some nice bubble bath or a bath bomb and take a long, hot soak.

Use an essential oil burner
Using essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang and sandal wood can help to aid your sleep. If you don’t have an oil burner you can use a candle or a bowl of hot water with a few drops of essential oil in it. Use these in the evening before you go to bed but please do remember to blow any candles out before you sleep!

Don’t constantly check your phone
It can be tempting to keep looking at your phone or text your partner or friends, however this will keep your mind active and won’t help you sleep. Turn your phone on silent and put it down so you can relax.

Read a book
When you read a book it helps you to stop thinking of all of the thoughts floating around in your head, which before the wedding can be excessive. This helps you to relax and fall asleep quicker.

Listen to relaxing music
Put on some relaxing music or chill out songs before you go to sleep. You could even listen to calming whale songs when reading your book to help you chill out even more.

Relax your mind
This is a difficult one as it is the night before your wedding and you may be excited, nervous, and thinking of all of the things the next day will bring. Try to just let it all go and clear you mind; the more you overthink everything the longer you will stay awake. Try some meditation or counting sheep just to clear your mind.

Maintain a regular sleeping routine
In the run up to your wedding try to maintain a regular sleeping routine. Go to sleep at a reasonable time every night and try to incorporate a few of the tips above so that by the time is comes to your wedding you will be a pro!

I hope that these tips help all of you lovely brides to be! Have you tried any of these tips before, or do you have anything else that works for you? Let me know in the comments.

Jillian Elizabeth at Bride to Beauty blog.

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