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Bridal SOS Kit

Bridal Beauty SOS Kit

Your wedding day is almost here, and the excitement is building. It is going to be one of the best days of your life. In order to help everything run as smoothly as possible, and ensure you are looking your best, why not pack a bridal beauty SOS kit.

Here is my bridal beauty SOS kit; if you head over to my Facebook page you can find out how you can win it.

Here is what is inside:


Make-up remover wipes
Cleansing pads
Sun cream

If you do one thing before you sleep on the night of your wedding, use a wipe to take off your make-up and throw on some moisturiser. The next morning you can do a proper cleanse and use these wonderful cleansing pads to perk up your skin.

Hair care

Bobby pins/ Kirby grips
Hair spray

If you are staying away for your wedding make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner instead of the 2 in 1 hotel room brands. A few bobby pins and some hair spray can tame any flyaway hair caused from windy weather or dancing.


Lip stick
Lip balm
Face powder

Although your make-up artist will do your make-up it is always a good idea to have a lipstick to redo your lips after eating, drinking, and kissing. First thing in the morning put your lip balm on so your lips are soft by the time your make-up is applied. A little bit of face powder will help mattify your skin on an ultra hot day and after lots of dancing.


Tooth paste
Tooth brush
Cotton buds
Nail file
Band aids
Safety pins

All brides want that first kiss to be fresh. You would be surprised how many people forget to take a toothbrush or toothpaste with them to the wedding venue. If you break a nail, file it straight away so you don’t snag your dress, and if anything rips safety pins can fix a multitude of sins. Blot your tears; don’t wipe them, and use paper straws to save your lipstick.  They are also better for the environment than plastic… (just my little tip!)

So what do you think? Would these items be useful for you on your wedding day? Well, you can win this whole SOS kit! Head over to my Facebook to find out how.

Jillian Elizabeth at Bride to Beauty Blog


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